Vegan Sushi in Downtown LA

Plant-based, Vegan Sushi in DTLA!

All are welcome to come replenish repair and nourish for a better quality of life and spirit!

While I’m not vegan — nor any other diet, really (#flexitarian) — I appreciate an organic, meat-free meal that sends my tastebuds into heaven each and every mouthful (which the vegan sushi accomplished seamlessly).

Wild Living Foods, a trendy DTLA gem, enhances plant-based dishes with a nutrition-focused cooking process, where they prepare every meal below 118ºF. Through this seemingly complicated-but-appreciated process, WLF keeps vital nutrients and enzymes intact, making them more bio available and nutrient-dense for hungry folks like myself.

Bathed in incense and vibrant patterns but surrounded by downtown grime (not knocking it — I love Downtown LA), you walk into this dreamland feeling as though you’ve transported into a blissful plant-based Promised Land. The walls are covered in floral paintings, cold-pressed juices, and… Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. I hate vinegar, but I was lovin’ this place. Not to mention, the chef was draped in a BEAUTIFUL apron, evidently a reflection of his drool-worthy creations.

So these creations… I’m talking plant-based vegan sushi, soups, salads, bagels, wraps, pastas, tonics, pies, ice cream, and (free) fruit-infused water. Once again - a dream! Accompanied by my boss and co-coordinator, they got the Garden Tomato Soup and Rad Thai (marinated kelp noodles, seasoned vegetables, teriyaki sauce, orange lime zest, and creamy sesame dressing). I, on the other hand, was salivating over the Vegan Dynamite Sushi Roll, a cashew cheese, red cabbage, tomato, avocado, ginger, red onion, coco jerky, ranch hemp oil, and flax oil lunchtime success. Although each piece was the size of my fist making it impossible to not embarrass myself each bite (okay, exaggerating), my afternoon cravings were majorly appeased.

And in natural NFR fashion, let’s highlight one of the listed ingredients. FLAX OIL is worth mentioning, as most restaurants wouldn’t even know how to pronounce it. Sending thanks to Wild Living Foods for incorporating this into their menu as it…

  • Revs your digestive system and keeps things moving, acting as a natural laxative

  • Helps protect against cancer and included in natural treatments like the Budwig Diet 

  • Improves skin health (such as with eczema) due to its essential fatty acids

You’ll even find it’s a common ingredient in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine practices!

So for you local LA-readers and future LA-explorers, bookmark Wild Living Foods to nourish yourself with real freaking good plant-based FOOD.



P.S. The left and middle image below are by Galtruism!

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