Not For Rabbits
Not For Rabbits


about me

I’m fueled by a desire to share everything that does good. That tends to come in the form of sweet treats, “human” reminders, and sunset skies.

While living in Long Beach, I built friendships with vibrant souls who motivate, support, and encourage me every single day. They’ve carried me through fun and ugly times, and I couldn’t be more grateful — I thank them for helping me get over humps and jump through hoops…

Like when I dipped out of the country to live in Thailand for a year. Most of my weekends were spent sitting in a hammock and staring at the waving forest. With only myself and my brain, I had the opportunity to rekindle my passions such as plant-based sweets, sustainability, and simple living.

Now living in central Los Angeles, I’ve decided to share my experience and coinciding thoughts in hopes that you may find them helpful. For the record, I have about a million thoughts per second — I encourage you to follow along, send in your input, and ask anything and everything!


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